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Trout Unlimited Madison County New York Chapter 680
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Stream Clean Up & Restoration
Our chapter was contacted in late February of 2009 by the Cazenovia Preservation Foundation (CPF) regarding a stream bank collapse on Chittenango Creek south of Cazenovia. The Creek had changed course over the past 10 to15 years and was eroding the old Lehigh Valley Railroad bed trail between Ballina and Thompson Rd. The years of erosion eventually resulted in a substantial bank collapse which, under high water conditions, was adding large amounts of contaminants into Chittenango Creek.
On June 11th CPF received a $27,500 grant from the Community Foundation for the South Trails/Chittenango Creek restoration. After receiving the DEC Permit, sandbag filling and placement of the 500 bags began on September 13th. TU 680 members, along with other groups present, filled and placed 350 bags only to discover more were needed to complete the dam. An additional 450 bags, or a total of 950 bags of sand, each weighing about 50 lbs., were required to divert the creek.
The project contractor brought in his equipment and excavated two in-stream weirs, built the stone restoration wall, repaired the stream bank and added some fish habitat enhancements. On October 10th chapter members, along with other volunteers, began to remove 950 water soaked sandbags, weighing approx. 70 lbs. each, from a frigidly cold and very muddy stream bank path thus removing the dam and enabling Chittenango Creek to flow once again.
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